Thursday, November 10, 2011

Around the Yard: Gardening Gradually

I'm the type of person that tries to do all of it, all of the time. This trait tends to get me into trouble a fair bit and this year, I found myself a tad overwhelmed in the garden. I often find that I take on more than I can handle and drag my husband (willing or not) along with me for the ride. Fortunately, I have a very loving and patient spouse who humors me a great deal.

Blogher generously offered me the opportunity to reflect and write about the gardening lessons learned for the year. This week's post can be found there! I hope you enjoy it.


Robin said...

Great article! I think that we all have been in that position one time or another! I really try to adjust what I plant and how I tend to everything.

wilderness said...

Shanon, great advice if only I could follow it. Have gardened for many many years and still start too many plants and keep expanding property that I can use for gardening. Since it is just me to take care of it have decided things like housework can wait for the long winter.

Shanon Hilton said...

Thanks Robin!

Hi Wilderness: Yes, that is the key isn't it, following through with what we learn! We'll see if I can make next year a little less hectic in the garden. After all, I have a precious little two year old who is growing up fast. I don't want to miss it!

Good for you though on turning a blind eye to housework! That is admirable!

Anonymous said...

Sharon, that article was hysterical. If there is one thing that you don't need, it's a book on how to grow more vegetables. I am utterly in awe of the amount that you preserved this year. Kudos! --Lou Murray

dixiebelle said...

Yep, my gardening eyes are often bigger than my belly! Luckily I have a supportive husband too!

kitsapFG said...

Good advice and observations - too easy to push too hard too fast and end up not doing very much or not very well.

Shanon Hilton said...

Lou Murray - I'm glad you found the post enjoyable. Yes, and you are probably right about the book on growing more vegetables... :)

Dixiebell- Glad to know I'm not alone!

KitsapFG: Thanks so much for reading and commenting! I appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

I can relate to what you say, I too get into trouble all the time for biting off more than I can chew. Like Wilderness I have decided to save the indoor activities for the long winter months.

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