Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Giving Thanks Early

We're not quite done with pulling, cleaning, storing or preserving, but the end is in sight. The temperature dipped below zero last night for the first time this fall after an unusually warm September. We still have a few things growing in our planter boxes that are being covered to extend their season - mostly lettuce, spinach and other cold hardy greens - and there are still root vegetables and leeks in the ground, but the majority of the harvest is now done and sitting in our temporary cold cellar - our garage.

Despite all the hard work, the aching muscles and my body's refusal to get out of bed this morning - even with a rambunctious two year old jumping on me - we are feeling truly grateful to have had such a bountiful harvest. We definitely grew more than we needed and several times, I turned to my husband while pulling carrots from our six 25 foot rows of them and said, "What was I thinking?!" But, it is wonderful to be able to share the excess with family and friends.

Last night at the community garden, we exchanged extras with our gardening neighbours. We've shared home cooked meals in exchange for apples and offered preserves for being allowed to pick raspberries. Gardening and food sharing has opened the doors to a new community of friends, neighbours and gardening advice - and we're feeling especially thankful for all of it right now.

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