Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Around the Yard: Cucumbers & Fall Gardens

I have to admit that I am struggling to keep up with the pace at which our garden is producing - as is always the case come mid-August. It is with a little bit of relief that I picked the last meaningful pails of beans and shell peas today. As much fun as it has been, I am feeling hopeful that after tonight, there will be no more shelling peas until midnight.

We're also knee deep in cucumbers right now and I am researching all manner of ways to preserve them. Beside lacto-fermented dill pickles, I think I might try making a batch of this fermented relish. We've also been juicing cucumbers, watermelon and mint for a very refreshing post-gardening drink. And of course, eating lots of cucumber salads tossed with vinegar, sea salt and pepper!

Today I found the time - between picking and washing and blanching - to plant some more seeds for our fall garden. I can tell you that it wasn't nearly as exciting as it was last March (which might have something to do with the overwhelming bounty we're enjoying right now)! Some of the cold hardy crops to go in include: Red Tongue Lettuce, Red Oak Leaf Lettuce, Cracoviensis Lettuce, Batavian Endive, Bloomsdale Spinach, Fordhook Giant Swiss Chard, Red Giant Mustard Green, Tatsoi, Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch Kale and Black Tuscan Palm Kale. I've also recently planted a few more Chioggia Beets and Paris Market Carrots! All of these seeds came from The Cottage Gardener, one of my favorite sources for heritage seeds. Are you planning a fall garden? What are you growing?

Here is how our garden is growing this week (you can check out last week here):

 Scarlet runner beans.

 Sunny sunflowers.

 Squash with Brachycome.

 Our first kohlrabi. No sharing required. 
I plant these just for me since no one else in our house cares for them!
Do you plant anything in your garden to eat just for you?

Yellow beans, shell peas, snap peas and a grubby little hand.

 Beans ready for blanching.

 Haskap: tastes like a cross between a blueberry and a raspberry. 
Also known as blue honeysuckle.

 Calendula blossoms ready for drying.

Cucumbers anyone?

Our first spuds. Not at all GAPS friendly, 
but I do love fresh garden potatoes.

How are things in your garden this week?


Allison at Novice Life said...

Wow everything looks great! I am still trying to get seeds in for my winter garden!

Moira said...

Yours looks great!!!
We just started some seed flats indoors, waiting for it to cool down a bit before planting them in the ground. Peppers are doing well, and we have lots of butterfly's migrating through our yard, BEAUTIFUL!

Shanon Hilton said...

Thanks Allison.

Oh Moira, how lucky you are to have those butterflies! How beautiful indeed!

Thank you both for popping by!

erinleee said...

hey! nice production!! Haskap?! do you have this berry growing in your yard? I've been wanting to try that out!
Here's my garden's doings:

Shanon Hilton said...

Hi Erinlee, This haskap came from a u-pick. I wanted to try it before planting it, but I'm in love with it and it will definitely be going in next year! --S