Friday, July 1, 2011

Seasonality in All Things

Lately, my thoughts have turned to gardening and food security because that is how my days are being spent: planting seeds (still), weeding, watering, tending, harvesting, storing, preserving, and soon to be, drying. I am researching news ways to eat new foods, preparing dishes with what is in season. Some have been a success, others have not. I am reading about four season or winter gardening (shiver) and how we can prolong our harvesting season. I've ordered more seeds - cold hardy, heritage ones, like Batavian Endive, Cracoviensis Lettuce, and True Siberian Kale and anything that will mature in 60 days or less, like Little Finger and Paris Market carrots. It also means constructing a few cold frames in the heat of summer.

It has been such a very busy spring. The books I planned to read over the past few months are stacking up and I look longingly at them every time I hurry out to the garden. There are countless other projects collecting dust too because there just isn't time to start anything new. Right now is the time to be outside growing and eating and preserving, but most importantly, enjoying. While there is much that is wrong with our food system, the food itself is worth celebrating: fresh garden produce, farmer's markets, u-picks, homemade popsicles, picnics and outside meals shared with family and friends. And so, while I will still be writing in the space over the summer months - it may be with less frequency - because who wants to be inside at a computer reading about growing food when they can be outside doing it! Wishing you a happy Canada Day!

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