Thursday, June 2, 2011

Around the Yard: Welcome to the Weekly Tour

Sara, from Farmama, gave me the idea to do a weekly post on how our garden is progressing. I realized that while I write a lot about the importance of growing one's own food, I haven't posted many pictures from our own gardening adventures. So here is the first installment of the season. I hope you'll follow along. Or even better, join in by leaving a link to pictures of your garden in the comments section!

I have ambitious plans for our garden this year. My husband thinks that I tend to go a tad overboard, but after six long months of winter, I am bursting to try new ideas, different plants and growing techniques. I'm trying to utilize different aspects of companion planting, permaculture, container gardening, square foot gardening, edible landscaping and bio-dynamic agriculture. I'm not really following any one discipline fully, but incorporating the ideas that I like the best from each.

 An ambitious potted pepper plant project (say that fast five times!) at the side of our drive way.

 Garlic front and center, an apple tree to the right and strawberries at the back.

A new plum tree laden with blossoms, trellised tomatoes in planter boxes. Roma tomato plants and our raspberry patch. I really hope we get to enjoy fresh plums this year.

 Cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and brussel sprouts all waiting to be transplanted.

 Multiple varieties of squash waiting to be transplanted.

 Marigolds and nasturtium transplants.

 Arugula is up!

 Spinach is barely up!
Radishes are up and leeks are sitting happily transplanted as of this morning!

We also have a 25x50 foot community garden plot where we've planted additional carrots, beets, more radishes, rutabaga, parsnips, onions, beans, peas, melons and squash. As for the front yard garden project, you'll have to wait a little longer to see how that turns out.

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Crystal Rassi said...

WOW - You've given me a lot of ideas on how to layout a garden in my back yard.

Shanon Hilton said...

I'm glad! Though, I've only shown you a sneak peak so far. A lot of plants are still not up yet. :)

Barb said...

Love seeing someone else's ambitious projects in the yard! I combine several methods, too, using what works for me and my garden.

Carisa said...

We have the same type of raised beds. This year we enriched them with homemade compost and the seeds have done really well!
Mrs Petrie @

debbie said...

thanks for the tour of your lovely garden!

Pam said...

Thanks for linking up! Wow, you have a lot going on!

Wearinbeads said...

Wow, look at those potted pepper plants. I have some space by my driveway - I could do that if I run out of room. Thanks for the idea.

Melynda said...

A little bit of everything! Nice garden.

FjÀllripan said...

It is great to have a own
garden and everything taste
so much better !

Beth said...

Wonderful garden layout! You should have an explosion of peppers!

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Everything is lovely and I was excited to see your array of pepper plants..Mine have had trouble surviving..