Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hope 'Springs' Eternal

Spring is here and with it, the prospect of a new garden and the fresh garden produce we'll soon be enjoying. All of the lessons learned from last year anxiously float around in my head. Cucumbers don't trellis up sunflowers well. Growing sweet potatoes in a zone 2b is likely futile. Brassicas require the use of row covers to prevent every single leaf from being devoured by worms. Don't bother growing potatoes in the community garden plot because the soil is infested with potato beetle eggs. Such frustrating lessons when you're trying to grow enough food to feed your family. Despite our setbacks, however, I always know that there is next year.

That is the wonderful thing about spring: the upcoming gardening season is perfect, with no mistakes in it - yet. It is full of hope and renewal and of ideas not yet tried. I'm filled with a vision of more food than we know what to do with, sharing our bounty with friends and family, trying to find people to please take a zucchini, eating fresh strawberries and cherry tomatoes warmed by the sun, and the rows of colorful preserves that will soon fill out pantry shelves. Regardless of whether it all comes to pass, spring is a beautiful time for dreaming about what could be, isn't it?

Each day as I watch the snow recede a little more, I'm seeing the signs that this new season is finally upon us.

 The first of the garden beds to be uncovered.

 Green strawberry leaves.
Spring bulbs pushing through.

More and more sun for the plant starts.

Rubber boots and puddle time.

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