Friday, April 15, 2011

A Digestive Nightmare

Last night, we bought a box of cookies to support our neighbour's daughter in her fund raising efforts for the organization she belongs to. I belonged to this very organization when I was younger and went door to door selling these very cookies. They hold a bit of nostalgia for me, plus they taste yummy, so I was pinning away to have one. I asked my husband to read the ingredients to me, in hopes that I could somehow justify eating them.

Here is how he read it, "Ingredients include bloat, indigestion, soar stomach, cramping, irritability, gas, headache, restless sleep, fatigue and general malaise." Such a funny man.

The accuracy of his humor was potent though.

The real ingredient list and how I read each ingredient (in brackets) is what follows: Enriched wheat flour (gluten: anti-nutrient, neurotoxin, allergy inducer), sugar/glucose-fructose (HFCS: obesity, type 2 diabetes, liver damage, hyperactivity), modified palm and canola oil blend (canola: probable GMO, toxin, kidney/liver damage), coconut and soya oil shortening (soy: anti-nutrient, probable GMO, carcinogen, toxin), cocoa, corn startch (anti-nutrient, probable GMO), salt, modified milk ingredients (casein: allergy inducer, neurotoxin, type 1 diabetes), baking soda, soy lecithin (soy: anti-nutrient, probable GMO, carcinogen, toxin), natural and artificial flavour (neurotoxin), color (carcinogen, neurotoxin).

Seeing as how they contain what I view as the unhealthy seven - wheat, sugar, corn, canola, soy, dairy, and additives - I opted not to have a cookie. These cookies are not a snack with zero nutritional value, they are a digestive nightmare with serious potential health consequences.

These cookies are, sadly, representative of the ingredients in much of our food today. These are the ingredients that are making our society sick.

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